Following the end of the university exam period, my attention has returned to the Fire And Ice Grid. While the website was made, it was not performing well in search results.

Mobile display problems had been detected by Google search console. Some content was going off the edge of 360 displays. At the same time, other material was small and difficult to read.

The overflowing content turned out to be a long URL. A quick wrapping CSS tweak fixed that. The small text was more difficult to identify. All text on my devices and chrome simulators looked ok. Changing the text to EM scaling fixed it, however.

While working on the site I have improved the general CSS by separating the CSS per page.

Further SEO has been achieved by generating backlinks from social media. There are a few more content pages to make. For now I am happy with the functionality and appearance of the site.

Written by Sara Payne

Student of Computer Science at The University Of Hull and small business owner.

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