Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts is a collection of helpful BASH/BAT scripts for starting, stopping and running crash recovery. It is part of a larger whole on setting up and maintaining Opensimlator Grids. Full Guide TMUX – Versions Start Everything – Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts This is the script run when Continue Reading

Creating Databases For Opensimulator

Creating Databases For Opensimulator is a guide to develop databases for Opensimulator. It is part of an extensive guide into Opensimulator. Full Guide Pre-Requisites This article assumes that a server is already set up and has installed one of the following three database engines. MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Additionally, it assumes Continue Reading

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config is a guide to creating an Opensimulator configuration that is both extensible and maintainable. Unfortunately, the default setup isn’t well configured for this. Anyone who prefers a video to reading should scroll to the bottom. Full Guide Problems With The default Configuration and File Structure Continue Reading

Email Calendar & File Sharing

Email Calendar & File Sharing. A discussion about why these things are important, how they can integrate and a suggested solution. This article is part of a larger whole for setting up and maintaining an Opensimulator server and grid. However, much of it is relevant to many businesses. Full Guide Continue Reading