Fire And Ice Grid Upgrade & Study possibilities.

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This weekend I completed a version upgrade for the Fire And Ice Grid. The upgrade went smoothly with little disruption for my users. The whole process took just 30 mins. Logins were closed but only for 5 mins while the Robust server was restarted.

Full details are available on the Fire And Ice Grid Blog.

The main web design process for the grid is now complete. Although, there will be ongoing maintenance and improvement tasks the bulk of the design process is complete.

This week I am hoping to speak with lecturers at the University Of Hull about my degree courses later stages. Hopefully, it is possible to link my personal project with my university course. If it is I would love to make that happen.

I feel privileged to have opened a dialogue with Ai Austin about testing Bakes on Mesh. I also hope to discuss other aspects of Opensimulator. Because of Ai Austin’s background as a professor at the University Of Edinburgh. His experience as both a researcher and virtual worlds enthusiast will be invaluable.

This latest Fire And Ice Grid Upgrade is part of my ongoing commitment to keeping up with the latest developments in OpenSimulator. One of the big projects I am looking forward to starting is replacing the wifi signup pages. This is because, currently, Wifi does not support SSL.

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