First-Class Honours in Computer Science

Graduation Cap Image - First-Class Honours in Computer Science
Graduation Cap Image

I feel proud of myself. I have passed my Computer Science degree with first-class honours. While I have not yet officially graduated, I have confirmation from The University of Hull for all my grades. The combined result gives me an 82% average.

Getting To Where I am (First-Class Honours in Computer Science)

Getting my degree is the second milestone in a journey I began in 2018. It had become clear that the business I was running no longer had long-term prospects. So, deciding I needed to act sooner rather than later, I enrolled on an Access To Higher Education Diploma in computing, graduating from that with a Distinction. In 2019 I enrolled at Hull University on a BSC in computer science. Now in 2022, I know I have passed with a first.

The Future

I will start at Yorkshire Wolds Teacher Training as a trainee teacher in September with a scholarship from the British Computer Society (BCS). My time with Yorkshire wolds will gain me qualified teacher status (QTS) and a PGCE qualification.

Teaching is a profession with which I have fallen in love. My interest first started in virtual worlds, where I made tutorials. Computing has been a lifelong passion and was the reason for my degree choice. However, I have always worked with people. During my degree, it became clear that I wanted to keep doing so.

Teaching is an obvious way to combine computer science with a diverse range of people. Therefore, I added “Communicating and Teaching Computing” to my degree modules in the final year. As part of that module, I went to Driffield school one day a week. I loved the experience there; it turned a clear choice into a passion.

When my placement ended, I volunteered briefly and then did an internship with Yorkshire Wolds. I still love teaching and have accepted an offer to start teacher training in September. Unfortunately, I can’t attend my graduation, but I still have First-Class Honours in Computer Science!

Over the summer, I will continue to work on my virtual world, The Fire And Ice Grid. I also plan to update some of my tutorials, such as Setup PHP On Windows With Debugging. Finally, I have a copy of two GCSE computer science specifications to read through. Eventually, I will need to spend some time doing some Python development.

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