The Norse Adventure Sim – A New Experience

The Norse Adventure Sim is a fresh Open Sim experience. Which bit do I tell you about? Firstly it is a marvellous example of Open Sims capabilities. Secondly, the Norse Adventure is a fun challenging game. Finally, there are educational elements. Consequently, The Norse Adventure covers all the bases for a great experience.

Located on the Fire And Ice Grid, you will start with a trip back in time courtesy of the worlds favourite doctor. Dr Who fans will not want to miss this bit, because the tardis and time tunnel is exceptional.

The tardis drops you off in the village of Colby back in the depths of time. Walking through history, you get to meet Odin, Loki and others. Journey through history with a range of challenges. Some of them are obvious and easy, others less so. This is history made fun! Many of the visualizations found are truly representative of the Norse Myths. More than one section is taken straight from the Edda.

Fresh, exciting, challenging and different, an experience in Open Sim you do not want to miss. Now experience the Norse Adventure, either make an account at Fire and Ice grid or use a hypergrid teleport from another opensim grid. Hyper grid teleport links are just bellow.

The Norse Adventure Sim – Getting There

  • HG Map: Adventure
  • HG TP: secondlife://
  • V3HG TP: secondlife://http|!!|8002+Norse+Adventure
  • LocalGrid TP: secondlife://Norse%20Adventure/251/25/31

All the scripts for this project are using LSL/OSSL. The scripts are available using the simplified BSD licence and can be found on GitHub.

Full details of the OpenSim settings are available here. Along with recommendations and an outline of the script principles.

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