Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows.

Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows, a start to finish guide. Starting from setting up the operating system all the way through to a working system with regular backups, crash detection, extensible configuration and server security. The scope of the article is extensive; consequently, it will be split into several smaller pieces linked to this one. The final system will have the following features:

  • The server should be secure and robust to common attacks.
  • Opensimulator will start automatically when the server startsup.
  • The configuration of opensimulator needs to be flexible and extensible as the grid grows
  • Regular backups of all critial data
  • Crash detection and recovery of opensimulator services
  • Secure Web Services allowing user registration, user account management and admin grid management

Opensim Server Setup – Forword

Opensimulator is highly configurable, as are the operating systems available to run it on. It would be tough to cover all those options. Instead, the article will describe the stages required, the reasons for each step and provide one solution. Operating system choice alone will have many factors. When considering only direct costs, Linux is cheaper than Windows due to licencing fees. However, if it becomes necessary to pay for server management, that cost comparison could quickly reverse.

Beyond Running a Server

Running an Opensimuator grid requires more than setting up the hardware and software for Opensimuator its self. Many of the skills needed are outside the scope of this article. However, it does cover some of the most common technical needs of a grid, including domains, emails, calendars and file sharing. While they are not needed by Opensimulator, it is almost sure that they will be necessary to run a successful grid.

The entire process broken down step by step

Time needed: 12 hours


  1. Install the server operating system

    Users starting from an existing hosting provider can skip this stage.

    Private networks and home networks need to support the NAT loopback. Additionally, a static IP address is desirable; services such as No-Ip can allow Opensimulator to function well with a dynamic IP address. Unfortunately, there will still be issues with Groups and Hypergrid travel due to the details stored in the HOST file.

    The four guides in this section will enable a user to create the install media and then set up a server. It is assumed most will only use two out of the four.

    Create a Ubuntu Startup USB in Ubuntu And Windows
    Installing Ubuntu Server Guide

    Create a Windows Server USB in Ubuntu & Windows
    Installing Windows Server Guide

  2. Buying a server from a hosting company

    Discussion about the options, pros and cons of some of the most popular hosting providers for Opensimulator setups. If setting up a local server, skip this step and go on to Configuring the server.

    Buying Server Hosting For Opensimulator

  3. Configuring the server – Basic Security stage

    Basic first steps to access the server remotely, secure the server against intrusion attempts for Ubuntu and Windows.

    Secure A Ubuntu Server

  4. Mounting Server folders to make remote management easier

    Mounting a folder makes it accessible on a local PC, so it works like accessing any other drive on the PC. Covering all combinations of Server types and descript types, including cross-platform mounting. This stage is not essential; however, it can be beneficial.

    Mounting SSH Folders in Ubuntu
    Mounting SSH Folders In Windows

  5. Buying A Domain name and setting up DNS to send traffic to the server

    The article explains as simply as possible why a domain name and DNS is desirable. Then goes on to show an example of purchasing a domain name through Hover. Finally, it finishes by setting the DNS to point to a server.

    Buying A Domain Name & DNS

  6. Secondary Backup

    The article covers buying cloud storage with Backblaze. This can be either a primary or secondary backup but should not be the only option.

    Buying Remote Storage From Backblaze

  7. Email, Calendar, & File Sharing

    Grid operators frequently need to share messages and files outside the virtual world with their customers. This article discusses using Google Workspace to provide email, calendar and secure file-sharing.

    Email Calendar & File Sharing

  8. Further Server Configuration

    Now the server is secure, a domain name points to it, and there is remote storage, it’s possible to set up the rest of the server.

    Database Server
    PHP (Optional but recommended).
    DotNet / Mono
    Remote Storage Mounting
    Backup Software

    Setup Ubuntu 20.04 for Opensimulator
    Setup Windows For Opensimulator – Comming Soon

  9. Get And Configure Opensimulator

    Download and extract the files
    Create Databases and database users
    Define a new folder structure that allows sensible backup and update paths
    Configure the Opensimulator INI files so it runs in Grid mode with Hypergrid enabled.
    Split Robust services into four instances and the database between two databases (Assets and everything else)
    Each instance will have individual logging
    Script State files saved on a per instance basis
    Cache files outside the main folder structure

    Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Configuration

  10. Create The Databases

    PostgreSQL – coming later.

    Creating Databases For Opensimulator

  11. Startup, Shutdown and Crash Detection

    Include the launch scripts to the server startup events
    Add shutdown scripts to sever stop events
    Enable crash detection scripts, email notification of crashes.
    Create repeated running of the crash detection system.

    Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts

  12. Backup Backup Backup

    Now do it again for good measure. Multi-layer backup with security built-in.

    Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restore

  13. Have a drink

    Opensim Server Setup is now complete

  14. Setup Grid Management app (Currently In Development)

    Will be added when the application is finished.

  15. Wiki’s

    Coming Soon

  16. Blogs

    Coming Soon

  17. Nginx / Apache / SSL Configuration

    Coming Soon

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