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Setup SQL Server On Windows 10 is a guide designed for people installing SQL Server for the very first time. This guide also forms part of a larger collection aimed at setting up development environments. Other guides on setting up other database engines will be available soon. This guide will cover installing SQL server as well as a graphical way to viewer databases on the system. There are different choices of a database engine for SQL databases. Microsofts SQL Server is the one most frequently accompanies windows server and Microsoft development.

Setup SQL Server On Windows – Installation

Microsoft SQL Server is available for free for development and testing. Either visit the SQL Server download page or use the direct download link. Then run the installer like any other windows application. Confirm the application is ok to make changes. Following on from this it will present you with choices.

Basic is the easiest way, however, going through the menu choices can increase understanding. Do take note of the connection string information provided. At this point, the system will need restarting to complete the installation.

Installing SQL Management Studio

Visit the downloads page for Microsoft SQL Server and download or use the Direct Download link. There are many other choices for managing a SQL server than Microsoft’s offering. However, this is the one found in most tutorials and guides. In a later post using JetBrains Data Grip application will be covered.

Running SQL Server Management Studio

Put SQL into the search bar to next to the start button and choose the SQL Management Studio application from there.

Setup SQL Server On Windows is complete. There are many powerful functions outside the scope of this guide

Video Demonstration

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