Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restore

Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restore is a guide describing good backup practices for Opensim Grids. It covers basic backup principles and requirements for Opensim. Finally, it links to two additional articles, one for Ubuntu and another for Windows. This article is part of a larger whole covering all aspects of Continue Reading

ASP-DotNet Web App On Linux with Authentication

Introduction – ASP-DotNet Web App On Linux ASP-DotNet Web App On Linux is part of my series on using .NetCore 3 and .Net 5 under Linux with JetBrains Rider. However, this particular guide should work under all operating systems and with all IDE’s. Using Visual Studio on Windows, the default Continue Reading

Ubuntu Opensim Server Backup

Ubuntu Opensim Server Backup. An article describing one way to fully backup Opensimulator using Ubuntu and other opensource software. It follows on directly from Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restores; additionally, it is part of a more extensive Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows. Data Stores – Ubuntu Opensim Server Continue Reading