Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu

Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu is a guide that walks through the process describing some of the methods available. It is part of a larger whole setting up and maintaining an Opensimulator server. However, it works equally well as a stand-alone article. Full Guide Forword Security Most guides online that Continue Reading

Rider Vs Visual Studio – Creating Projects

Introduction to Rider Vs Visual Studio – Creating Projects Rider Vs Visual Studio – Creating Projects is the first instalment of a series about developing in C# on Linux as well as Windows. The vast majority of the information about Rider also applies to Rider on Windows. However, where there Continue Reading

Secure A Ubuntu Server

Secure a Ubuntu Server details the basic first steps necessary to secure a new Ubuntu server against the most common attacks. It is absolutely not a comprehensive list of steps, instead consider it a minimum requirement for a new server. This article is written as part of a larger guide Continue Reading

Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust services on Ubuntu

Introduction – Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust is a guide to separating the Robust services into multiple instances. Previously some of this information was on the Opensimulator Wiki. However, that now shows 0.92 information. Some of the services do not separate well (in my experience). This article Continue Reading