Fire and Ice Grid opens – A dream realised.

Fire and Ice Grid opens

Introduction – Fire and Ice Grid opens

Fire and Ice Grid opens and a dream is born. The Fire and Ice Grid is a user-created 3d virtual world powered by OpenSim. Simultaneously, this is both a business and a research project. Consequently, this is a multi-purpose one. Both Opensim and virtual worlds have been an important part of my life for many years. Additionally, the intention is to offer a personal touch in the metaverse. Doing so by combining small business skills with a passion. Finally, it will provide a strong research platform to work with.

Opensource Software

Every aspect of this uses project uses open-source software. Additionally, the software uses multiple programming languages and many systems. Firstly the server is running Ubuntu Server (C and assembly language). Then the OpenSimulator application server (C#). Additionally, the service is accessed through client viewers, such as the Firestorm Viewer (C++). Finally, web services are using HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. In the world, content scripting is written in C#, VB, LSL and OSSL.

Related Areas Of Interest

Closely related to the main project are interests in the Blender Foundation and Gimp. Blender and Gimp are two of the most common tools in use for in-world content creation. The involvement of these two brings python heavily into the mix.

The First Region on the Grid

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