First-Class Honours in Computer Science

I feel proud of myself. I have passed my Computer Science degree with first-class honours. While I have not yet officially graduated, I have confirmation from The University of Hull for all my grades. The combined result gives me an 82% average. Getting To Where I am (First-Class Honours in Continue Reading

Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restore

Opensimulator Grid Backup & Restore is a guide describing good backup practices for Opensim Grids. It covers basic backup principles and requirements for Opensim. Finally, it links to two additional articles, one for Ubuntu and another for Windows. This article is part of a larger whole covering all aspects of Continue Reading

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts is a collection of helpful BASH/BAT scripts for starting, stopping and running crash recovery. It is part of a larger whole on setting up and maintaining Opensimlator Grids. Full Guide TMUX – Versions Start Everything – Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts This is the script run when Continue Reading

Creating Databases For Opensimulator

Creating Databases For Opensimulator is a guide to develop databases for Opensimulator. It is part of an extensive guide into Opensimulator. Full Guide Pre-Requisites This article assumes that a server is already set up and has installed one of the following three database engines. MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Additionally, it assumes Continue Reading

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config is a guide to creating an Opensimulator configuration that is both extensible and maintainable. Unfortunately, the default setup isn’t well configured for this. Anyone who prefers a video to reading should scroll to the bottom. Full Guide Problems With The default Configuration and File Structure Continue Reading

Email Calendar & File Sharing

Email Calendar & File Sharing. A discussion about why these things are important, how they can integrate and a suggested solution. This article is part of a larger whole for setting up and maintaining an Opensimulator server and grid. However, much of it is relevant to many businesses. Full Guide Continue Reading

Buying Remote Storage From Backblaze

Buying Remote Storage From Backblaze is a brief guide to setting up a Backblaze account. Many companies are offering remote storage at a range of prices. Backblaze is among the cheapest but not always the quickest. In addition, it has an API that is fully compatible with Amazon S3. Consequently, Continue Reading

Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu

Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu is a guide that walks through the process describing some of the methods available. It is part of a larger whole setting up and maintaining an Opensimulator server. However, it works equally well as a stand-alone article. Full Guide Forword Security Most guides online that Continue Reading

Mounting SSH Folders In Windows

Mounting SSH Folders In Windows is a guide to mounting ssh shares that authenticate with OpenSSH key pairs rather than passwords on windows. Firstly, this task is not as easy as a user used to a Linux environment might expect. Thankfully there is sshfs-win-manager that works very well. Unfortunately, it Continue Reading