First Dedicated Server

This last week I have been playing with my new server. The server its self is running Ubuntu server 18.04. I have used Linux and specifically ubuntu flavours for many years. Most of what I have done before was through a GUI rather than the terminal.

So far I have it installed, I have my UFW forwarding the ports appropriately. I have set up ssh to my backup machine and established rsync for remote backups. I have also got all the LAMP setup, with automated backup established.

My shiny new domain is correctly resolving to my new server, yay go me! What I have yet to do is establish a daemon sever on the backup server so I can’t schedule the sync backups yet. The next big job will be establishing a mail server and getting the RX side of the domain to resolve correctly. Once that is done I will be looking at establishing multiple sites on the apache rather than a single site. I also need to find a better MySQL backup. I found an automated back up for that but I don’t seem to be able to access the backup even with root…

Anyway, so far so good, I am pleased with my first attempt at setting up a ubuntu server.

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