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Introduction – C# Beginners – Using Rider

C# Beginners – Using Rider: Rider is a full-fledged IDE from JetBrains. It is aimed at professional users. There is a student licence available for free. However, other users get a trial and then a paid subscription offer; there is no community version. Rider has considerable advantages, however. Firstly, it is a cross-platform solution, meaning you get the same coding experience in Windows, Mac and Linux. For Linux users, it is the only professional IDE available for coding in C#.

Compared to Visual Studio, it lacks designer windows for WPF and WinForms. However, there are other ways in which I consider Rider to be superior to visual studio. For commercial users, JetBrains Rider is considerably cheaper than Visual Studio. This is especially true in the second and third years of the licence. Unlike Visual Studio, it does not install the dotnet SDK. The dotnet SDK must be installed separately.

The experience of coding in Rider is far superior to that of VsCode. However, VsCode is absolutely free and supposed to be a lightweight offering.

Installing Rider On Windows

There are multiple ways of installing Rider On Windows. Additionally, there are extra considerations if you install it without installing Visual Studio first. Please see the JetBrains instructions page and click on Windows. They already provide a nice written instruction set. A video version of installing it is at the bottom of this page.

Installing Rider On Ubuntu Linux

Similarly to Windows, there are multiple ways of installing Rider on Linux. It can be installed as a standalone product through the JetBrains Toolbox and the Snap Store. Please visit the JetBrains instructions page and click on Linux. They already provide very good written instructions. There is a video of using the JetBrains toolbox at the bottom of this post.

Installing Rider On Mac

Please visit the JetBrains instructions and click on Mac; I don’t own a Mac, so I cannot add to this.

Video Version Windows – C# Beginners – Using Rider

Video Version Ubuntu – C# Beginners – Using Rider

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