Work Madness and January Exams

Work Madness and January Exams! Well, December was as December always is, busy! My private hire business 1st Class Travel explodes throughout December. Leading up to the end of the university term this held its own complications. Course work deadlines were added by the university.

Work Madness and January Exams - Happy new year

Work Madness and January Exams – Managing work and Study

Running a business while engaging in full-time study was always going to be a challenge. My focus during lectures in December was not as sharp as I would have liked. However, time management has always been one of my strengths. Balancing the two has revived my bank balance and allowed continued attendance at the university. Study wise I have one bit of coursework which is not yet completed. The deadline for my single remaining piece is not until the 10th Jan. For me, this feels way too close. I like to have everything ready at least a week before any deadline is due.

Starting New Ventures

In addition to everything else, I have also opened the Fire And Ice Grid. While from a certain angle of thought starting another business seams like madness there is a method in said madness. If the venture takes off from a financial point of view it will provide a much more consistent monthly income than the private hire company. If it does not take off on a financial level it will still hold many benefits from a research perspective and demand very little of my time.

Happy new year, have an exam.

It is now January, its exam time and my nose is firmly in revision material. Revising and doing exams will be my focus during January. 1st Class travel like all private hire business quietens in Jan and February, the money made in December filtering in to make up the difference. I will only be working weekends on that this month. The Fire and Ice grid has its first three paying customers in a very short space of time.

All in all, I am pleased with how I managed competing priorities during December. I class my university study time as work. When combining study with time spent on my business I worked an average of 16h a day, 7 days a week throughout December (And yes I took two full days off). It has worked and paid off. Now bring on the exams!

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