Python Intermediate Series – Subroutines

Introduction Python Intermediate Series – Subroutines; picks up where my Python Beginners Series left off. I assume that you are familiar with your IDE and that you are comfortable using: If you are uncomfortable with the above, parts of the intermediate series will not make sense. Please review the topic Continue Reading

Python Beginners – Combine Everything

Python Beginners – Combine Everything; in this beginner’s series, we have covered print, taking input, selection, lists and looping and logic. Following on from these, this post is the finale, and we will look at some of the possibilities with the tools now at your disposal. These examples will combine Continue Reading

Python Beginners – Selection

Python Beginners – Selection; selection is another name for making a decision. All programming language decisions are based on true or false statements. This post focuses on the selection’s coding side; another post will detail binary logic. Let us start with a simple example program. This is the example in Continue Reading