Creating Databases For Opensimulator

Creating Databases For Opensimulator is a guide to develop databases for Opensimulator. It is part of an extensive guide into Opensimulator. Full Guide Pre-Requisites This article assumes that a server is already set up and has installed one of the following three database engines. MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Additionally, it assumes Continue Reading

Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows.

Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows, a start to finish guide. Starting from setting up the operating system all the way through to a working system with regular backups, crash detection, extensible configuration and server security. The scope of the article is extensive; consequently, it will be split into Continue Reading

Rider ASP Build-Issues (Linux)

Up Date – Cause Found – Symbolic Links In the Path It is still unclear to me why Rider doesn’t always handle symbolic links in the path well however it is clear it does not. I have had an open case with Jet-brains Support for some time, and they spotted Continue Reading