Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts is a collection of helpful BASH/BAT scripts for starting, stopping and running crash recovery. It is part of a larger whole on setting up and maintaining Opensimlator Grids. Full Guide TMUX – Versions Start Everything – Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts This is the script run when Continue Reading

Creating Databases For Opensimulator

Creating Databases For Opensimulator is a guide to develop databases for Opensimulator. It is part of an extensive guide into Opensimulator. Full Guide Pre-Requisites This article assumes that a server is already set up and has installed one of the following three database engines. MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Additionally, it assumes Continue Reading

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config

Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config is a guide to creating an Opensimulator configuration that is both extensible and maintainable. Unfortunately, the default setup isn’t well configured for this. Anyone who prefers a video to reading should scroll to the bottom. Full Guide Problems With The default Configuration and File Structure Continue Reading

Buying Server Hosting For Opensimulator

Buying Server Hosting For Opensimulator is a complex decision with many factors. However, the primary considerations are direct price, performance, and running costs like any other server order. Opensimulator typically has two key areas to consider for server hosting. The first is for the Robust Services, and the second is Continue Reading

Opensim – Separating Robust Instances

Old Article, please use Extensible & Maintainable Opensimulator Config This post is left in place to avoid links breaking. Previous Version Start Opensim – Separating Robust Instances is an article detailing the process of separating Opensimulator Robust services into separate instances of Robust. Not all services should be separated and Continue Reading

Crash Detection And Recovery – Fire And Ice Grid

Crash Detection and Recovery is an update to the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid and to the Automated Opensim Startup and Shutdown guide. The most common way of having items restart is by using systemD. Unfortunately, when running mono processes inside a Tmux shell, this didn’t work satisfactorily. My solution Continue Reading

Secure A Ubuntu Server

Secure a Ubuntu Server details the basic first steps necessary to secure a new Ubuntu server against the most common attacks. It is absolutely not a comprehensive list of steps, instead consider it a minimum requirement for a new server. This article is written as part of a larger guide Continue Reading

Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust services on Ubuntu

Introduction – Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust Opensim 0.911 Separate Robust is a guide to separating the Robust services into multiple instances. Previously some of this information was on the Opensimulator Wiki. However, that now shows 0.92 information. Some of the services do not separate well (in my experience). This article Continue Reading

Setup Ubuntu 20.04 for Opensimulator

Introduction Setup Ubuntu 20.04 for Opensimulator is a guide to installing some of the packages and services required for Opensimulator to work. Additionally, it adds a couple of valuable extras, including some needed by the more extensive guide into Setting Up and Maintaining Opensimulator Guide. Choices – Setup Ubuntu 20.04 Continue Reading