Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu

Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu is a guide that walks through the process describing some of the methods available. It is part of a larger whole setting up and maintaining an Opensimulator server. However, it works equally well as a stand-alone article. Full Guide Forword Security Most guides online that Continue Reading

Mounting SSH Folders In Windows

Mounting SSH Folders In Windows is a guide to mounting ssh shares that authenticate with OpenSSH key pairs rather than passwords on windows. Firstly, this task is not as easy as a user used to a Linux environment might expect. Thankfully there is sshfs-win-manager that works very well. Unfortunately, it Continue Reading

Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows.

Opensim Server Setup Using Ubuntu & Windows, a start to finish guide. Starting from setting up the operating system all the way through to a working system with regular backups, crash detection, extensible configuration and server security. The scope of the article is extensive; consequently, it will be split into Continue Reading

Secure A Ubuntu Server

Secure a Ubuntu Server details the basic first steps necessary to secure a new Ubuntu server against the most common attacks. It is absolutely not a comprehensive list of steps, instead consider it a minimum requirement for a new server. This article is written as part of a larger guide Continue Reading