C# Beginners – Using Rider

Introduction – C# Beginners – Using Rider C# Beginners – Using Rider: Rider is a full-fledged IDE from JetBrains. It is aimed at professional users. There is a student licence available for free. However, other users get a trial and then a paid subscription offer; there is no community version. Continue Reading

C# Beginners – IDE Choice

Introduction – C# Beginners – IDE Choice C# Beginners – IDE Choice; C# Does not have a built-in or default IDE. However, Microsoft Visual Studio is the defacto go-to for Windows users. Mac users also have the option to use Visual Studio, but it is limited compared to the Windows Continue Reading

Python Beginners – Combine Everything

Python Beginners – Combine Everything; in this beginner’s series, we have covered print, taking input, selection, lists and looping and logic. Following on from these, this post is the finale, and we will look at some of the possibilities with the tools now at your disposal. These examples will combine Continue Reading

Python Beginners – Selection

Python Beginners – Selection; selection is another name for making a decision. All programming language decisions are based on true or false statements. This post focuses on the selection’s coding side; another post will detail binary logic. Let us start with a simple example program. This is the example in Continue Reading

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts

Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts is a collection of helpful BASH/BAT scripts for starting, stopping and running crash recovery. It is part of a larger whole on setting up and maintaining Opensimlator Grids. Full Guide TMUX – Versions Start Everything – Opensimulator Useful Control Scripts This is the script run when Continue Reading